Amusement Park Industry

  1. Failure analysis / forensic investigation

Our experts are able to handle different failures, incidents or accidents in Amusement park sector.


  1. Risk-based design review

We provide following risk-based design review services:

  • Verification of loading design considering yield strength, ultimate strength, and fatigue limit (or fatigue strength) of the selected material by reviewing the design calculation documents;
  • Review critical components’ drawings considering stress concentration at structural discontinuities (e.g., notches, holes, keyways, fillets, etc.), stress corrosion cracking, pitting, crevice corrosion, etc.    


  1. Risk-based inspection

If our investigation found that a failure, incident / accident was unlikely an isolated case, we will suggest to do a risk-based inspection of the other similar in-service components / devices / structures.


  1. Technical support in insurance claim or Expert Witness service in court case

If a failure, incident / accident is related to insurance claim or court case, we can provide technical support service or expert witness service accordingly.

  • We can conduct failure analysis / forensic investigation;
  • We can review and comment on other parties’ investigation reports;
  • We give our professional opinions based on facts / sound evidences discovered by scientific method, scientific theories / principles, and industry common practices.

Our experts have experiences in providing technical support service for insurance claims and expert witness service in court cases. Our experts have given testimony in court trials both in Singapore and overseas.

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