Battery Industry

  1. Failure analysis / forensic investigation service

Our experts are able to handle different battery failures, incidents or accidents.


  1. Trouble shooting service

If the root cause of a failure, incident or accident is identified as manufacturing problem, we can provide service to review the manufacturing procedures, review the QA/QC records, and inspect the real manufacturing processes, with an aim of isolate the manufacturing problem that induced the failure, incident or accident.


  1. Technical support in insurance claim
  • We can provide throughout investigation service to identify mechanism(s) and root cause(s) of the failure, incident / accident. We can be approached either by insurance company side or insured company side.
  • After issuing investigation report, we can provide technical support in discussion / evaluation whether the failure, incident / accident was covered by the insurance.
  • If it becomes a legal case, our experts can provide expert witness service to help the court understand the engineering points clearly and precisely.


  1. Expert witness service in litigation case
  • We can provide forensic investigation service in an engineering failure, incident or accident; and provide expert witness service.
  • We can help the client to review other parties’ report(s), give comments on it; and provide expert witness service.
  • We can help the client and the client’s attorney to understand the technical disputes clearly and precisely.

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