Power Cable Industry

  1. Failure analysis and forensic investigation service

In a power cable failure, it is necessary to isolate the failure location and replace the failed section ASAP. The client may isolate the failure location using some fault location isolator; and it is often that the original failure location would be subjected to further damage during the fault location isolating process.

Although there may be damage of direct evidence of the failure during fault location isolating process, we can still provide a comprehensive and throughout failure analysis / forensic investigation of power cable failure based on scientific method.


  1. Trouble-shooting service

If cause of a power cable failure was identified as manufacturing problem, we can provide further trouble-shooting service by customized auditing / inspection of the manufacturing processes, with an objective of isolating the certain manufacturing process that leads to the failure.

The trouble-shooting service mainly contain following steps:

  • Review the received introduction of manufacturing processes;
  • Based on our failure analysis / forensic investigation report, to narrow down some targeted manufacturing processes for the customized audit / inspection;
  • Carry out the customized audit / inspection to isolate the process that leads to the failure (or that most probably leads to the failure).
  • Preparation of trouble-shooting service report and present.


  1. Condition assessment service

Usually, the expected lifespan of power cable is above 30 years. When the service life is above certain years (e.g., 20 years, etc.), there is a need to conduct condition assessment of in-service power cable, with an aim of evaluating whether the in-service power cable can be continuously in operation.

We provide condition assessment service of in-service power cable through detailed lab analysis of selected power cable samples.

Our condition assessment service includes the following main steps:

  • Review operation condition understanding the normal loading in power cable;
  • Examine individual components of power cable to check whether there was damage / degradation in them and what was the extent of the damage / degradation in them;
  • Conduct in-depth examination of material properties of insulation layer, e.g., FTIR, DSC, OIT, TGA, etc.;
  • Conduct high voltage testing between conductor and metallic screen;
  • Data analysis, interpretation, preparation of condition assessment report, and present.


  1. Technical support service in Insurance Claim or Expert Witness service in Court case

If a power failure is involved in insurance claim or court case, we can provide technical support service or Expert Witness service, accordingly. The purpose is to let relevant parties understand the technical points clearly and accurately.

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