Railway Industry

  1. Failure analysis / forensic investigation

Our experts are able to handle different components, parts and assemblies in railway sector.


  1. Risk-based Inspection

In a railway line, there are always lots of similar components. Once one or a few of them failed, there is a concern of other similar components.

We provide risk-based inspection service to check whether there is(are) similar damage(s) in the in-service components, based on our investigation of failed one(s).


  1. Condition Assessment

In a railway line, there may be some components already with a long service period (e.g., more than 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, etc.). The owner may be interested in the current condition of these components. We provide condition assessment service to examine whether there is remarkable degradation of the performance of these components. Our condition assessment report can help the owner to make a decision of whether such components can be continuously in operation or should be gradually replaced based on periodical monitoring data. 


  1. Technical support in insurance claim or Expert Witness service in Court case

If a failure, incident / accident is involved in insurance claim, we can provide technical support service through conducting investigation or reviewing other investigation reports.

If a failure, incident / accident is involved in Court case, we can provide Expert Witness service to let Court understand technical points clearly and accurately.

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