Other Material-related Consultancy Services

  1. What is risk-based design review?

Based on our experiences in failure analysis / forensic investigation, we are familiar with potential design issues in new product development. We can provide customized design review service to examine if there is certain potential design issue(s) at the design stage. 

Such service is termed as risk-based design review by us.


  1. What is risk-based inspection of in-service objects?

In failure analysis / forensic investigation of a failed object, we may identify that the failure might not be an isolated case. That means there may be similar problem in other in-service objects. We can provide inspection of these in-service objects to check whether there is similar problem and evaluate the extent of the problem (if there is).

Such inspection service is termed as risk-based inspection of in-service objects by us.

This is with certain similarity but not exactly the same as the concept of risk-based inspection as per API 580 & 581 for Oil & Gas industry.


  1. What is trouble-shooting of manufacturing processes?

If the root cause of a failure, incident or accident is identified as manufacturing problem, we can provide service to review the manufacturing procedures, review the QA/QC records, and inspect the real manufacturing processes, with an aim of isolate the manufacturing problem that induced the failure, incident or accident.

Such service is termed as trouble-shooting of manufacturing processes by us. 


  1. What is condition assessment of in-service objects?

At sometimes, although there is no failure in the in-service objects after a long service period, the client is still interested in the current condition of these in-service objects and interested in the estimated remaining life of these in-service objects.

We provide such condition assessment service following below approaches:

  • Review background information to understand the functions of the in-service objects;
  • Review the service conditions and history inspection records to identify potential failure modes and mechanisms of the in-service objects;
  • Review the drawings and installation methods of the in-service objects to make an inspection plan and sampling plan for detailed laboratory examination;
  • Conduct inspection and selection of representative samples;
  • Detailed laboratory examination of selected samples;
  • Analysis and interpret the obtained data;
  • Draw conclusions in combination of obtained data and scientific methodology.

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