Technical Support Service in Insurance Claims

There is a kind of insurance covering loss related to a failure, incident / accident. It may have different names, e.g., Boiler and Machinery Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Equipment Breakdown Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Machinery Insurance, etc. This insurance specially covers sudden and unanticipated loss of machinery and equipment.


Regarding the insurance claim, - (1) identification of mechanism(s) and root cause(s) of a failure, incident / accident is necessary; then, (2) relevant parties discuss and evaluate whether the failure, incident / accident was covered by this insurance. There are often arguments among relevant parties, e.g., whether an unanticipated fatigue failure is covered by this insurance, whether an unanticipated accelerated corrosion failure is covered by this insurance, etc.


From insurance point of view, gradually developed failure (e.g., fatigue, corrosion, erosion, etc.) is excluded by this insurance.


From insured company point of view, although a certain failure mechanism is related to gradually developed damage, the failure is still unanticipated, because – (1) there should not be such failure mechanism based on the design and ordinary operation records; and (2) root cause of the failure was defect, design fault, etc., which are covered by the insurance.


What we can offer?

  1. Our experts are experienced in investigation of a failure, incident / accident. We can provide throughout investigation service to identify mechanism(s) and root cause(s) of the failure, incident / accident. We can be approached either by insurance company side or insured company side.

Usually, our investigation covers:

  • Review background information including, design, operation records, relevant assessment / investigation reports, etc.;
  • Site visiting, interview witness, and identify critical samples for lab analysis;
  • Lab analysis of selected samples;
  • Issue investigation report;
  • Present findings, evidence and conclusion to the client.


  1. After issuing investigation report, we can provide technical support in discussion / evaluation whether the failure, incident / accident was covered by the insurance.


  1. If it becomes a legal case, our experts can provide expert witness service to help the court understand the engineering points clearly and precisely.

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