About Us

OSKEFER Materials Engineering LLP (OSKEFER) was founded in Singapore by professional Materials Engineers providing consultancy services in Materials Engineering.

OSKEFER’s experts are with long-term study / research and industry experiences in Materials Science and Engineering; with BEng, MEng and PhD degrees from reputable universities; with certification of Chartered Engineer from Engineering Council of United Kingdom, with technical leadership experience in multinational TIC company, with experience of being engaged as Expert Witness in many court cases and giving testimony in court trials for cases in Singapore and abroad, respectively.

OSKEFER is a combination of acronyms of "OBJECTIVITY", "SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY", "KNOWLEDGE", "EXPERIENCE", "FACTS", "EVIDENCES" and "REASONING". In our opinion, they are essential elements for providing professional consultancy services.

Our Services

The key service of OSKEFER is Forensic Engineering Investigation / Failure Analysis (FEI&FA) of industrial failures, incidents or accidents. Based on our knowledges and experiences in FEI&FA, OSKEFER has developed other Materials Engineering relevant consultancy services.

OSKEFER can provide services at different steps/stages in the entire lifespan of a product or plant, accordingly. These services are listed as follows:

  1. Consultancy service of materials selection and/or risk-based design review at design stage;
  2. Consultancy service of materials processing methods and fabrication procedures at Prototype fabrication stage and/or mass production stage;
  3. Consultancy service of Prototype and/or products’ testing and qualification methods / standards;
  4. Consultancy service of QA/QC and/or trouble shooting at mass production stage;
  5. Consultancy service of forensic engineering investigation / failure analysis of failed Prototype, pre-sale products and/or post-sale products;
  6. Consultancy service of forensic engineering investigation / failure analysis of industrial incidents / accidents including fire investigation;
  7. Consultancy service of risk-based inspection and/or risk-based condition assessment of key facilities / equipment in manufacturing plants;
  8. Consultancy service of reviewing and commenting other parties’ technical investigation reports;
  9. Consultancy service of technical support in insurance claims and/or court cases;
  10. Knowledge and experience sharing through training on certain engineering topics.  

We do our work based on scientific principles and methodology, knowledge and engineering experiences; discover facts and solid evidences; give unbiased opinions through logical reasoning; draw conclusions clearly and concisely; and provide support in technical disputes arising from our reports.

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OSKEFER Materials Engineering LLP

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