1. What is Personnel Data collected by us?

    We collect the following Personnel Data:
    Job Title
    Email address
    Telephone number
    CCTV footage if visiting our premises

  2. Why do we collect these data?

    Except CCTV footage data, all the other data are reasonable necessary for legitimate business interests.
    CCTV footage data is only for security and safety purpose.

  3. How do we collect your Personnel Data?

    Directly from you when you are approaching us.
    We do not use any form of automated data collection tools / software.

  4. How do we use these data?

    Personnel Data is used in preparing quotation / contract, issuing reports, processing and receiving payment, collecting and returning samples.
    Personnel Data is held to make Contact with those who may be interested in our services.

  5. Sharing your Personal Data

    Personal Data may be shared with other members of our company and other related parties, i.e., external service providers, auditors, law enforcement or other government and regulatory agencies.

  6. Your right

    You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data held by us.
    You have the right at any time to inform us to stop us from Contacting you for the marketing purposes.
    You have the right to inform us to erase your personal data held by us.

  7. Retention Period of Personal Data

    Personal Data is held only for the period of time required by its intended purpose. At the end of these periods, the relevant data will be routinely erased.

  8. Governing Law

    This Notice is prepared pursuant to the PDPA and governed by the laws of Singapore.


OSKEFER is an engineering consultancy company focused on failure & incident investigation. OSKEFER has rich industrial Experience and can offer you one-stop solution on highly complex and major industrial failures across a wide range of industries, such as traditional power generation, renewable energy, oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, civil engineering and electronics.

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