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Electrical & Electronics sector is a key driver of industrial development. Electrical & Electronics have been widely applied in power generation, transport, telecommunication, medicine, computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Failure in Electrical & Electronics can damage appliances or equipment on the circuit or lead to a fire.

OSKEFER has in-depth knowledge and extensive forensic investigation experience in responding to failures incidents in Electrical & Electronics, and can deliver faster cause identification, develop measures to mitigate or eliminate the problem, streamline settlement and quickly restore operations.

Our experts can help you handle any failure/incident investigation related to


OSKEFER is an engineering consultancy company focused on failure & incident investigation. OSKEFER has rich industrial Experience and can offer you one-stop solution on highly complex and major industrial failures across a wide range of industries, such as traditional power generation, renewable energy, oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, civil engineering and electronics.

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