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Power Generation

Electricity, as an indispensable economic driver, is essential for our modern life. Almost all commercial electrical power is generated with a turbine, driven by wind, water, steam or burning gas. The turbine drives a generator, thus transforming its mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction.

The critical equipment/components in the power generation industry are always subjected to elevated temperatures, high pressures, and harsh environments, which can lead to a variety of materials-related problems, such as turbine blade failures or boiler tube ruptures, etc.

A typical power plant has a life span of 20 to 30 years or even longer. It usually serves a large industrial or residential area, therefore, any failure in a power generation plant could have a considerable impact on the local society. It may cause the shutdown of important transportation systems, industrial plants or blackouts in cities.

OSKEFER has in-depth knowledge and extensive forensic investigation experience in responding to failures/incidents in power generation and can deliver faster cause identification, develop measures to mitigate or eliminate the problem, streamline settlement and quickly restore operations. Our experts are also able to develop a systemic method to assess the in-service condition of critical components to detect early deterioration signs.

Our experts can help you handle any failure/incident investigation related to


OSKEFER is an engineering consultancy company focused on failure & incident investigation. OSKEFER has rich industrial Experience and can offer you one-stop solution on highly complex and major industrial failures across a wide range of industries, such as traditional power generation, renewable energy, oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, civil engineering and electronics.

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